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Monday, 04 December 2017 12:28

Florida Band Trip Info Featured

Make plans now to attend our big Des Moines Schools Music Tour to sunny Orlando, Florida. Not only does it offer a great opportunity for a performance but it is also a place that will include a multitude of opportunities for additional activities that we think everyone will enjoy. The tour will happen once every 4 years so each student will have only one opportunity to participate during their high school career.
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You may purchase insurance through the travel company that may help defray costs in case you cannot make the trip after paying for it.

To create a new account (if you haven't already), follow the steps below. To log into your existing account, click here.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Your Trip" then "Trip Registration"
  3. Click on "Create Account"
  4. Enter Trip ID # (East Band Account ID is 6510)
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Type in the User Name and Password you would like to use
There are no password restrictions
Very Important: DO NOT create multiple accounts with each payment

DSM School District Music Trip to Orlando Florida - March 13 - 19, 2018

The trip cost is estimated at $1,059. The final price will depend on the number of students going on the trip, prices for tickets, hotel, and transportation. These prices may change. We have estimated on the high side what the inflation will be but of course that is not exact. We suggest that you start planning now and if you put a little away each month then you will be set. Waiting until the next school year may be difficult for allocating funds.

There will be 4 payments for this tour and they are as follows:

$50 on 12/15/2017 (initial deposit due in two months and instructions later in this letter)
$325 on 9/19/2018 (a total of $400)
$325 on 11/14/2018 (a total of $700)
Remaining balance on 1/17/2019.

Departure from Des Moines is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2019 which is the week before spring break. We will return to Des Moines on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in the evening. The coach ride will be approximately 24 hours each way putting us in Orlando on Thursday the 14th for 4 nights, departing for Des Moines on March 18th. All chaperones for the tour will be Elementary, Middle, and High School music staff, district employees, administrators, DMPS TV, and a nurse. If parents want to participate you must secure your own transportation, hotel accommodations, and tickets. This cannot be included with the student tour.

What is included in the cost:
  • Round trip motor coach from Des Moines to Orlando and all transportation while in Florida
  • 3 Days at Disney World
  • 1 Day at Universal Studios
  • 4 nights hotel (based on Quad Occupancy)
  • 4 $20 meal tickets at Disney World and Universal Studios
  • 1 day at Cocoa Beach
  • All taxes and tickets
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Performance in Walt Disney World
What is not included:
  • Meals on the trip down and back (approximately 6 fast food meals)
  • Extra meals needed while in Orlando (5 depending on how each student uses their meal tickets)
  • Souvenir’s
Getting the exact number of students attending will be an important part over the next 2 months. This will lock in how many motor coaches we need to reserve. Once that number is determined a maximum number of students will be established as only so many can fit on a motor coach. With over 1,000 students expected to attend from our 5 high schools it will be important for us to lock down the number so that pricing can be more exact.

There are no refunds available from deposits. This is mandated by the tour company and assures the correct amount of students. The cost of the bus and hotel is determined by the amount of students attending the trip. If a student drops out then the price will rise for the remaining students in order to cover the empty seat on the bus and spot in the hotel. Lastly it will help us determine the instrumentation and voices for our ensembles performing. Disney requires specific conditions for a performance in their parks so much work needs to be done in advance in order to ensure all performances are of the highest quality.

The travel company we are using has direct accounts for each student attending the trip. Deposits can be put in student accounts at any time. The required dates and amounts above are the minimum that must be in your account at that time. Additional deposits can be made anytime as some families may wish to deposit $100 each month or something similar so they are not trying to raise the majority of the funds in the fall of 2018.

Along with this letter are two documents. The first is the directions on how to set up your account through the travel agency. Each student will have their own account to deposit funds. Deposits can be by credit card/debit card or using your bank account. The 2nd attachment is the trouble shooting guide for any issues that may come up during this process.

Remember this needs to be completed by Dec. 15, 2017. Below is the code for each program from each school.

This is the code that you input when you open your account:

East Band – 6510
East Orchestra – 6512
East Choir – 6511

Fundraising for the students will be determined by each school and director. There will be one opportunity this spring in 2018 and another in the fall of 2018.

We hope all students in music at our 5 high schools will take this great opportunity to travel with us in 2019. If you have specific questions please direct them to your band, orchestra, or choir teacher.


My parent(s) is/are district employee(s). Can they be chaperones?
Chaperones have already been assigned. All parents can set up their own parallel trip, independent of the music students' trip.

Is any portion of the trip cost refundable?
No. You may, however, purchase trip insurance here:
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